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What is a Doula?
A doula is a woman's servant, specifically for the time around and during birth. Traditionally, a woman gave birth surrounded by the most important women in her life, but times have changed. Not only might a woman live miles away from her mother and aunts,  but birth has moved into the delivery room. A doula provides traditional support in modern times.
As your doula, I will provide you with information on pregnancy, labor and birth before your delivery and during birth. Together we will explore your birth options and preferences. During labor, I will protect your family's privacy needs, supply you with information to enable you make informed decisions, and offer pain reducing comfort measures. Your partner is valued and encouraged to take part as much as he feels comfortable; it's my job to work as a team, not replace him. After delivery, I'll help you get the baby latched and off to a good nursing start. We will stay in contact in the postpartum days to check on breastfeeding and to help you process your birth and answer any questions.
My doula package:
  • Unlimited phone/text/email contact during pregnancy & postpartum.
  • 1-2 prenatal visits to build our team cohesiveness and develop your unique birth plan.
  • I join you at home or the hospital whenever you desire in labor.
  • In labor: physical, emotional, educational and spiritual support to the laboring woman and her support person(s) including positional help and strategies to solve challenges that may occur.
  • Snapshot momentoes of your day. 
  • Postpartum visit to celebrate your birth! I present your birth story and help with baby wearing if you desire. We also discuss any other non-medical concerns you may have.
Doulas do not:
  • Perform clinical tasks such as taking blood pressure or checking cervical dilation.
  • Speak to medical staff on your behalf, however I can remind you of your birth preferences and help you and your partner phrase your concerns or desires to the staff.
  • Make medical decisions for you.
  • Pressure you to have a birth you don't want, not during prenatal visits or during birth. I will not judge you for any birthing decisions you make.
  • Take over your partner's role. Dad is welcome to be as involved as he feels comfortable.
  • Take over your role as decision maker. It's my job to support you, no matter how you give birth.
  • Replace a professional photographer's role. If you desire professional photography, it is your option to hire one of the fine local photographers from the area.

I have supported families desiring medicated birth, unmedicated birth, in all locations: home, birth center and hospital environment.
            Doulas don't replace Dads (or partners), they help him help you! 
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